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  • I live in Norf Murica
  • I was born on May 7
  • My occupation is Artist;Production Assistant
  • I am Male
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    Queen of the Night:

    Likes: Ambrosia, Star Transporting, Spaceships, Homeworld (Void), War, and Silky Clothing

    Dislikes: Colarians, Peasants, Melee Weaponary, Wheel Transportation, Dawners, and Meat

    Backstory: Started as a young woman, but then created the League of Shadows at the age of 28, along with Tola Xox & Mirall Olen. But then died on the moon and the clan of the Shadows collapsed.

    Tola Xox:

    Likes: Vegetables, Meditation, Bright Magic, All Species, Anyone (beggar or royalty)

    Dislikes: Royalty, Weaponary, Racists, Selfishness

    Backstory: As a young child Tola was a peasant along with his mother Djuka, his father Ghytree, and his 7 brothers and sisters. (Illi, Mariii, Kilop, Zhu Li, Sedareia, Deffreiette, and Mijhugy) His mother died from a s…

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  • WillDragonArt1223

    My Characters

    February 27, 2013 by WillDragonArt1223

    Do not forget. You can go to your own page and publish your own ideas too! Good Luck drawing!!! :)

    Queen of the Night


    Born: 399,968 AD- Void

    Died: 1,800,000- Earthen Moon

    Eye color: Void Violet

    Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Skin Color: Pale (disguised)

    Species: Voidcore

    Gender: Female

    Weapon: Void, Mind Control, Dark Magic

    Known Apprentices: 

    • Sire Loggan AmCaran 
    • Mysziqua (Before Rebellion)
    • Savvaks Ammon
    • Kono Mai
    • Ckisson Welvoskvy
    • Yatt
    • Xexei
    • Dawnlord Sirra Dawn (After Night Infection)
    • Uzjvc
    • Menstora Lavish
    • Yerti Ogannu
    • Maxs Azzitta
    • Mila Kortoff
    • Qen il-Aban


    • League of Shadows

    Tola Xox

    'Born: 200,000 AD- Tuiiuii

    Died: 1,000,002 AD- Katchitta

    Eye Color: Dark Pink

    Hair Color: None

    Skin Color: Atmospheric Blue

    Species: Tuiiuiiuin

    Gender: Male

    Weapon: Bright Magic, Mind …

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